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Michael Mormecha : LOFi LiFE

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I recently put my camera’s high speed shooting mode to the test capturing some promotional shots for self-producing multi-instrumentalist Michael Mormecha. Michael is preparing for the official launch night of his debut solo album ‘LOFi LiFE’, released on 9th May 2016 on Swallow Song Records.

Citing influence from the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Sia, Ariel Pink, Conan Mocasin and Micachu & The Shapes, ‘LOFi LiFE’ is a brave and contemporary take on alternative indie pop. The understated cool of lead single ‘Family’ is the perfect entry point to the record as a whole – a shimmering, swaying anthem that sonically references a huge swathe of genres and artists, as shades of Fleetwood Mac marry with the likes of Local Natives, Yeasayer, Miike Snow and The Knife to create something wonderfully unique.

Michael Mormecha

When not fronting Belfast’s favourite alternative rock band Mojo Fury, who have played alongside the likes of Biffy Clyro, Oceansize, Everything Everything and many more, Michael can be found locked away fusing textures, sounds and styles of music at his home farmhouse studio, Milbank.

Michael Mormecha LOFi LiFE

As a young man Mormecha’s father introduced him to a Hi-Fi system that had two tape decks and a karaoke microphone input; a move that he would later consider as integral to his career in music. Using this recording equipment, he discovered the concept of over- dubbing and bouncing tracks and countless weekends were spent recording guitar and vocals over various drum beats and creating four-track EPs.

Michael Mormecha

In 2004 alt-rock three-piece Mojo Fury was born and soon became his main priority, establishing themselves as one of the leading bands in the Northern Irish circuit with countless followers on the UK Mainland. Their debut album “The Difference Between” was officially released on 8th May 2011 followed by almost two years of extensive touring.

Having spent the past year producing records for bands such as The Bonnevilles, Malojian and Runaway Go to name a few, the collective pool of residual creativity had finally built up to the point where it was time for Mormecha to put pen to paper for his own material.

Michael Mormecha by FlixelPix

The Photo Process

As it is virtually impossible not to blink when someone is throwing something at your face the final image is actually a composite of two images. The first image is of Michael standing still looking towards the source of the paint and the second is the best image of a burst of eight. It was then simply a matter of layering the paint image on top of the standing still and revealing the open eyes in Photoshop.


Michael Mormecha Official
Lofi Life Official Launch Night


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