Live : John D’Arcy

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John is as much a talented guitarist as he is a singer songwriter, equipped with one of the nicest guitars I have seen (naturally an Avalon) his performance was polished and confident enough to joke with audience allowing a few late arrivals time to get to their seat, quietly directing them through the darkness.

John D’Arcy is based in the fine ‘city’ of Lisburn. His lyrics and infectious melodies betray his lack of years.

John performs both with his band and on his own, and is building a broad fanbase through his appearances at events such as the Cathedral Quarter Festival, Belfast Nashville Festival, and the infamous Glasgowbury Music Festival in the Sperrin Mountains.

It isn’t easy to be the opening act at any event but D’Arcy set the scene to what was a spectacular night of acoustic, songwriting celebration. Check out John’s website here. For more information on his guitar (an unbelievable Avalon click here).


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