Lisburn : County Antrim

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I had to grab a photo of Lisburn Cathedral for an upcoming event so decided to take a wide angle (17-40) in an attempt to photo as much of the building as possible. Lisburn Cathedral is quite a difficult building to photograph as it is tightly packed by the museum and local shops.

This photo shows just how close the main town clock tower is to the Cathedral clock. You would wonder at the thinking of putting two clocks in such close vicinity but they are literally metres away.

Lisburn Cathedral was build in 1623, destroyed in 1641 by rebels, rebuilt shortly after to be destroyed again by fire in 1707 with most of the rest of the town. After restoration a spire was added in 1804.

It isn’t easy getting the building placed a photograph without it being marred by a sewing shop of derelict buildings.

Along side the Cathedral sites the old Federick Thomas shop now empty, closing on Christmas eve after thirty eight years of business.

Lisburn is famous for its linen industry. Check this documentary look at the very sad demise of the Barbour Threads site in Lisburn.


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