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Free Lightroom Preset : Enhance

Summer in the United Kingdom and Ireland can be a little hit and miss but 2012 has definitely been a classic ‘miss’ from floods to weeks of rain and dull summer days. I have taken a number of photos this summer that feel more like November than July and thus I have created a series of free Lightroom presets to add a bit of summer.

long exposure

The Long Exposure (PDF eBook)
The eBook covers everything from the equipment you will need right through to post-production processing in Adobe’s brilliant Lightroom. This guide has been written with the beginner to the long exposure process in mind; however, the enthusiast and professional alike may find something of relevance also. The Book comes with 6 dedicated Lightroom Presets. The Long Exposure Ebook

The presets well in most situations but I developed it for family photos so the application of the presets on this particular image may not do the 3 preset pack justice. You can view a larger view of the final summer preset in action here. It is definitely worth having a play with a range of different images.

All three free Lightroom 4&5 presets are created for RAW processing, I have not tried the presets on .jpg images. Check out how to create Lightroom Presets for instructions on how to create your own.

Starting Point

Free Lightroom 4 Preset

This is the original image straight out of the camera (SOOC). The image is fine but it lacks a bit of vibrance, warmth and clarity. [/box]

Preset 1 : FlixelPix-Summer-Dramatic

Free Lightroom 4 Preset
[box]This preset adds warmth and depth but keeps the exposure as captured. You can adjust the exposure and contrast if you want to brighten the image while retaining the warmth.

Preset 2 : FlixelPix-Summer-Final

Free Lightroom 4 Preset
[box]This was the final version that as well as adding depth and warmth also increases the brightness and exposure.[/box]

Preset 3 : FlixelPix-Summer-Mono

Free Lightroom 4 Preset
[box]This preset adds some extra tone and depth and desaturates the image but leaves the detail. You can adjust the blacks and clarity levels to create a cinematic style image. If you are interested in black and white photography then definitely checkout the Craft and Vision Series of eBooks. [/box]

All three presets have been tweaked over the course of a few weeks and should be used as a starting point to your image processing.

Free Lightroom Presets : Download

You can download the free lightroom 4 presets here. Please feel free to link to this page but please do not distribute or direct link to the download file.


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This preset is optimised for Lightroom 4 and use with RAW image files.  Why not grab a copy of the The Long Exposure eBook while you are here?

You can download other FlixelPix Free Lightroom Presets here or check out 10 top tips for getting the most from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

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