Winter Waterfall

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Despite attempts to reduce the number of long exposure photos I capture the opportunities keep coming up that cry out for the 17-40 lens and the ND7 (not 10) filter.

When it comes to taking long exposure photographs it isn’t just about the location but also the weather conditions of the preceding few days that impacts on the quality of the waterfalls (especially in County Antrim). You can click on any of the photographs below to view it larger on flickr.

The Waterfall Long Exposure

I had visited this location in early February 2011 (you can see the photos here) and the deluge of water made long exposures impractical and over powering. Bizarrely one of the February set ended up on flickr explore and has managed to remain there for a full year.

The Cascade

This year it was possible to journey beyond the main waterfall to a second set of cascades that fed into a secluded pond area. I had always considered the 17-40mm the best lens for long exposures and landscape photography but it was crying out for the 24-70mm to offer some level of reach across the pond.

Strings of Rain

In post production I used a ‘RAW defogger’ preset to reduce the glow created by a 30 second capture. It is remarkable the difference this preset makes to the clarity and colour density of long exposure photographs. I then desaturated the photos and increased the black level.

On the way out I spotted a this old iron gate. I have spent so much time on long exposures I have completely forgotten how to handle the 50mm at f1.4.

Locked Gate

I only had a few seconds to capture this image but I just couldn’t manage to get the lens to focus on the curl of the handle. I think I need to revisit the 50mm for a few weeks. A few additional photos from this set can be found on flickr here.


David is a documentary and landscape photographer covering everything from dramatic long exposure landscape photography through to live music. David is a former Official Fujifilm X Photographer.


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