Winter : Helen’s Bay

Having finally manage to get my hands on a Canon RC-6 remote control I decided it was time to go beyond my normal 30 second exposures and push to the 2-3 and even four minute captures.

It is amazing just how long two minutes feels when you are waiting for a photograph to be taken hoping no one will walk across the frame of view. The following photos are from my flickr stream, click on an image to view it larger on there.

Belfast Lough Sailing

I would have loved to have the patience to shoot at f22 but I found f8-f11 with  2-4 minute exposures the best I could work with with the B+W ND10 filter.
Belfast Lough

The fact the clocks went back one hour overnight meant the sunset was around 5pm so it was a great learning experience to try and adjust to the rapidly decreasing light levels. This photography of Holywood Yacht club shows the glow of Belfast in the distance. This photograph was shot without the ND10 and a 30 second exposure at f14.

Holywood Yacht Club

On leaving Holywood and heading towards Belfast we discovered the annual fireworks display in fun flow. Stopping at the nearest car park the final long exposure of the day was caught at 30 seconds.

Belfast Fireworks

No day out would be complete without just one photo with the X100. This capture is a stone FlixelPix junior found on the beach.

Heart of Stone

The photos definitely look a little better on flickr so click on any of them to view them large. More of the long exposure series can be found on flickr here.

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