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To The Temple

There is something about the light captured at Downhill beach that makes photography so much easier. The cliffs, smooth sad and deep blue ocean seem to create and enclave where light acts differently than any other beach I have been on.

It is perhaps a cliched series but one that was on my list to capture the next time I was near by. I tried to keep the horizon as central as possible and by using a small aperture (high f number) tried to make everything from the foreground to the distant vanishing point in focus.

I have attempted to add a twist to the cliche of beach photography. Deliberately opting to visit the beach on the morning following heavy rain and at low tide I feel there is more to see in the photos.

Even if I haven’t succeeded in capturing anything different from the thousands of photographers who have stood on the same beach it is one more location off the list.

I haven’t posted all the photos to flickr but a selection can be found here.

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