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The Water between the Rocks

Having been smitten by the long exposure bug I decided to take a walk along the Shimna river and put the a wide angle lens to the long exposure test.

Initially I had planned to take these shots on a prime 50mm lens but the area was too dirty to start opening cameras to chop and change lenses.

The river was perfect for long exposure work. These images are captured, again at f22, ISO100 and varying shutterspeed of between 3-8seconds.

I was using a ND9 filter so used exposure compensation mode to slightly over expose the images to bring out the shine on the rocks.

The images are straight from the camera. There really wasn’t anything to do to the photos in post product other than crop them down a few millimetres to remove a splace of water I had missed through the viewfinder.

The water was much easier to capture along the Shimna river compared to the deluge I attempted to shoot last week (see here).

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