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The Tyrella Road

The Fujifilm X-Pro1 is a remarkable versatile camera that can jump from capturing long exposure images to close up macros with very little user intervention. I headed out to St. John’s Point Lighthouse to try and capture it at low tide. I was late. I certainly had a bit more access than I normally have but the tide comes in a rapid rate.

You can click on any of the images to view large on flickr :

The Irish Sea

The was a bright day so I employed the techniques outlined in the long exposure ebook to try and cope with high levels of light but still be able to smooth out the sea.

Mournes Mono Long

I also decided to go around the Lighthouse and view the Mournes from across the bay. It was a remarkably quiet and clear day, the mountains seemed closer than normal and almost in front of the clouds. I jumped around between the Fujinon 18mm and 35mm lenses throughout the visit.

In post production I used the various presets included with the Long Exposure ebook. The image below uses “Winter Long”.

Winter Long

I also used the Lightroom 4 Preset Thunder on the image below.

St John's Point

I wasn’t happy with the timing and framing. I wanted to capture the sea and the striking, sharp coastline with the lighthouse as a backdrop. I think a 35mm equiv. lens may have suited the location better given the water level.

King Tide

Moving away from long exposures the X-Pro1 was able to really capture the details in the clouds floating over the mournes.

The Mournes

Anyone who has traveled along the Tyrella road to the beach will recognise these icon trees shaped by the wind off the sea.

Tyrella Road

Even switching on the macro mode with the Fujinon 35mm lens offered some really interesting opportunities. I really treat the 35mm lens (cropped) as my nifty fifty and I find the bokeh to be just as pleasing as my 50mm f1.4 on full frame.

Twisted Tree

Berries – 35mm with macro turned on. You can really blow out the background at f1.4 and I really recommend using the LCD screen on the back of the X-Pro1 when shooting macro as it offers incredible detail.


Finally the class flickr photo captured thanks to the ball head on my tripod. X-Pro1, 35mm lens and macro activated.

35mm Bokeh

All photographs were shot with the X-Pro1 and either the 18mm or 35mm lenses, check the EXIF out on flickr if you want to know more. If you are interested in Long Exposure Photography then do please check out the eBook.

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