St John’s Point County Down

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St John’s Point Lighthouse was originally commissioned in 1844 to the design of George Halpin the height of the tower was tripled in 1893. Until 1954 the tower was painted white with black bands.

However in 1954 the tower was repainted in its present distinctive black / yellow colour scheme.


The lighthouse was formerly powered by whale oil, coal gas and and in 1981 it was converted to electricity. The Lighthouse is now completely automated and thus no longer manned.

The Titanic did her initial sea trials near here. The Irish Landmark Trust is becoming involved in the preservation of this station. There are a number of ruins along side the lighthouse one a few hundred years old lies in direct view of the coast.

More notably the old St John’s Point church which dates to the 10 or 11th century lies along a near by lane way. 1.5 miles (2.4 km) south-south-west of Killough, near the south-east tip of the Lecale peninsula on the road to St John’s Point lighthouse.

The Department of the Environment describes the remains :
This small church, of the 10th or 11th century, marks the site of an early establishment associated with Eoan (John) son of Cairland, and in medieval times it was a chapel. It is an excellent example of a small, pre-Romanesque church with a lintelled west door with sloping jambs, antae to east and west and a south window.

This stone church was almost certainly preceded by a wooden church. Small-scale excavation in 1978 discovered burials under the north wall but no sign of the claimed radial arrangement of graves around the church. At the roadside, outside the enclosed area, lies a holy well and an elongated hollowed stone, probably a form of grindstone.

All photos were taken with the 17-40mm L lens and an N9 ND Filter. More photos of St John’s Point can be found in the flickr set.


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