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November Walk

I decided to take the new camera out for a walk today. There were an amazing number of people out walking along the river. I only managed to take six photos and these are two best, the 7D is going to take a bit of getting used to.

November creates some amazing tones and colours but is amazing how quickly the light changes.

Trees (1 of 1)

Walk (1 of 1)

To get the best view of the last photo it needs to be viewed in a larger format (click here).
There was a really warm glow as we started out but within an hour had dropped to a very desaturated landscape of grey. For some reason the top image reminds me of Microsoft Windows XP.

I am not only getting used to a new camera but also a new lens, the Canon EFS 15-85 Ultrasonic and even after six photos I am seeing why it so popular with professional photographers.

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