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If I ever want to test a new piece of camera hardware there is really only one place to go : The Lough Neagh Discovery Centre. Vast open spaces where the light (and weather) can change by the minute offering endless photography opportunities.

Having packed up my camera and lens I decided I was going to attempt some daylight long exposure photos as described in this tutorial on Seven by Five.  The best laid plans are always ruined by a lack of thorough preparation and have left my tripod at the front door  I was suddenly restricted to hand held use.

Equipped with a wide angle lens and a 50mm at f1.4 I tried to capture a range of shots using polar apertures to see just how well the 5DMKII performed. I am still not used to the settings on the 5D, changing the mode isn’t as intuitive as the Canon 7D.

It was a challenge, a camera, a bag full of lens (well two) and a dog determined to chase every rabbit that crossed his patch made timing shots a bit of a challenge. (Good excuses always involve a dog). A shadow image of the dog in question should offer some evidence of his existence, poised and ready to drag me through the trees in the pursuit of anything that moved, there are easier ways to take photos.

I only took a few dozen photos in all and I am slowly my way through each to identify the 17-40 and the 50mm photos. I have discovered that Flickery appears to strip the EXIF data from photos when it uploads them, else I am not exporting the photos properly from Lightroom.

Any of the wide photos are taken at f22 to push as much of the content into focus as possible. This isn’t the first visit to the Lough. The full set of Lough photos can be found in the flickr set here.


David is a documentary and landscape photographer covering everything from dramatic long exposure landscape photography through to live music. David is a former Official Fujifilm X Photographer.

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