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Long Exposure Summer

It takes a few days to embrace the summer holidays, I have all the photographic expectation brought by the freedom of time but sadly none of the energy. On these occasions there is only one location worth visiting and it has to be the old jetty at Oxford Island.

I have been here dozens of times to try new cameras, lenses and filters, it is the one place you know you will come away with something of interest.

I took both the 18mm and 35mm lenses. Using a 35mm lens for landscape work seems unusual especially given the X-Pro1 is a cropped sensor but I have found myself using ultra wide lenses less and less over the last few months.

Duck Beach

I used a mix of the lenses, ISO200 f16 and a mix of both T and Bulb mode. Using an ND10 filter all of the T mode captures were set at 20-30 seconds. In Bulb mode I pushed the exposures to 60 seconds although the light was particularly changeable from striking sunlight to very low light as the sun was shielded by the rain clouds.

The whole area is a great place to visit for energy-less photography. You can see more photos from the visit over in the X-Pro1 photos on flickr.

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