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Kinnegar Pier, Holywood

Following a few hours of long exposure photography in Helen’s Bay we called in to Holywood county down alongside the old Kinnegar Pier.

I am not posting the photographs in the order they were captured as this was the last image of the evening taken with the 17-40 and with a 30 second exposure. This image is straight from Flickr so your an click it to view it large.

Kinnegar Pier, Holywood at Night

Kinnegar Pier offered the opportunity for some 3-4 minute exposures with the ND10 filter with post production taking place in Silver Efex Pro 2. I am only really getting started with Silver Efex so they are pretty plain black and white images.

I really wish I had more time and more light to explore the area. These were taking in the last hour of light, you can see just how dark it managed to get here.

I still haven’t managed to really produce a long exposure photograph that I am happy with. I think I need to push to f22 and some really long ND10 captures. In the meantime it is just great to have found so many great opportunities today. You can view more photographs from County Down here.

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