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King Tide

In an escape from everything preceded with an “i” we checked the tide charts and visited the boat stranded in Dundrum bay, County Down. The photographs were taken in late afternoon with the addition on an ND9 filter.

Shot at 17mm using the 17-40mm lens they are almost ultra wide. For it to be June there was an oppressive darkness that bleached the beach of colour resulting in a rather depressing place to be.

The 17-40mm can cope with an aperture of maximum f4 yet it was surprisingly capable when trying to create  a low depth of field when shooting the chain.

Dundrum bay

I am not sure how long the boat has been there but it certainly hasn’t moved in a few years. If you check the other photos (flickr) you can see just how sad a state the vessel is now in.

You can find more photographs of the boat and the general area of County Down in a dedicated flickr set.  : County Down Photography.

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