Gleno Waterfall County Antrim

Every so often you discover a new location worthy of a photographic visit. Gleno/Glenoe waterfall is tucked away in the hills between Larne and Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland. It is a stunning location just outside the village of Gleno, a crystal clear cascade surrounded in deep green foliage.

There was a strong haze over the valley that meant the waterfall was going from almost darkness to completely drenched in bright sunlight. For this reason the ND filter came out.

There hasn’t been a lot of rain of late so the water was shallow enough to wade to the centre of the waterfall. [You can click on the images in this post to view larger on flickr].

Gleno Waterfall Long Exposure

The Fujifilm X-Pro1 is a brilliant camera and I really love using it for long exposure photography. I find I am using the bulb mode less and less as the T (Timed) mode is perfect even if you end up having to use an ND filter.

I should state I am still using a pre-production X-Pro1 and I believe the final version of the camera has a newer firmware version that I can’t want to get playing with. With the ND filter at work these photographs were captured at 15-25 seconds with an aperture of around f/5.6.

Gleno Waterfall X-Pro1

It was great to travel light. I packed both the X100 and X-Pro1 (2 lenses) in the tiny Think Tank 5 now only the tripod is a pain to carry.

In terms of non long exposure captures it was odd going between the X-Pro1 and the X100. The X-Pro1 has a significantly better autofocus engine which I have really got to know and rely on over the last few weeks.

X100 Waterfall

This was the last (X100) photo I captured in which the difference in light levels can be clearly seen. The X100 is a similar camera but it is definitely a different beast. It has been a few weeks since I used the X100 and as a result some of my X100 captures were a little off.

You can view more of my X-Pro1 photos here.

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