Fuji FinePix X100 Sample Shots

I decided to take the Fuji Finepix out for a trip around my usual photography haunts. I wanted to test the panoramic settings and just how it performs in a range of changing lighting experiences. All the photos with the exception of the panoramas are shot in RAW and processed in Lightroom.

The X100 works out about 35mm and works pretty well for landscapes and semi-wide shots. If you want ultra wide then the panorama setting is amazing.

The X100 also features a macro function that works pretty well. It isn’t going to be as good as something like a prime 100mm Canon macro lens but if you can tight enough the shots are pretty good.

The Panoramas are something to behold. A couple of these shots show vertical banding but the cloud cover mean the sun was coming in and out during the creation of the panoramas. These are obviously ultra small versions of the photos but you can view larger copies in the flickr set dedicated to panoramas on the X100.

My favourite of the day has to be a tribute to Caravaggio.

To can see more of my Fuji X100 adventures over on flickr. If you can afford this camera you will love it. It is the prefect replacement for a cropped sensor dSLR but I am not sure it can beat the full frame 5D MKII counterpart.


  1. Great pics. Did you shoot in RAW? Would you say that you prefer the x100 to using something like a G12? The DSLRs can get so cumbersome for when I’m out and about that I’m getting tempted to get back to my old Konica with it’s 40mm pancake lens.

  2. Yes, all RAW shots and processed in Lightroom. I find the colour and depth great if I can get the exposure and focus in tune on the camera.

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