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Bloody Bridge Exposures

A visit to Bloody Bridge just outside Newcastle for some midday long exposure challenges. The photos are a mix of 24-70 with an ND9 filter for the long exposure and the 50mm for the close-up shots.

I am experimenting with a new flickr plugin that allows photos to be displayed from flickr rather than hosting them directly on this server. You can click on an image to view it on flickr full size.

This is my favourite from the day as you can see both Bloody Bridge and the Mourne Mountains in the background.

The long exposure capture was made easier by hiding the camera under the main bridge. I was able to capture for as long as 30 seconds although 15 second photos appeared to offer the best balance.

The light in the rocks isn’t lens flare but actually a tunnel of light from behind the rocks.

You can see the difference in clarity between 10, 15 and 20 second captures. A number of interesting effects were achieved as the clouds moved across the sky and changed the light levels during a single capture.

I think the Lee ND10 Big Stopper is going to be worth considering for midday long exposures. As you can see the white is cutting in these photos. Sadly the Big Stopper has a 3 month waiting list.

The tube of light can be seen clearly in these photos. Although interesting in reality I am not sure it really comes across as impressive in the photos. In actual fact I think it takes away from the images as it initially appears as lens flare.

The 50mm lens now goes everywhere. Light, stunningly sharp and idea for singling out aspects of a photo with a remarkably shallow depth of field.

There are a few more photos of Bloody Bridge and the surrounding area in the County Down Set on Flickr. You can view it here.

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