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A Northern Mix

Having spent the last few days photographing areas of the North Coast of Ireland I am left with a mix of photos that don’t necessarily fit any specific category.

The project started with the most amazing sunset (Red Sky at Night) these photos are not photoshopped or enhanced this was literally the view across the bay.

No visit to the North Coast wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Musendon Temple (To the Temple). These photos were taken immediately after a large rainstorm, thus the stark differences between sand and sky.

There are a few photos that don’t fill a series so I thought I would like to the various flickr sets. These photos were taken at the famous Barry’s amusement arcade. The carousel lights offered a great opportunity to experiment with extreme bokeh.

The Bokeh photos can be found on flickr here.

The Blue Pool in Portballintrae also offered an opportunity for some action photography using a 50mm at f1.4.

The remainder of the Blue Pool and Barry’s photos can be found on flickr here. I even revisited an old theme. A brighter version of The Winnings can be found here.

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