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The Island Adventure

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Lisburn Civic Centre was host to vast array of activities and challenges in support of the charity – Young Enterprise. The free event included archery, canoeing, Segway trail, climbing wall, Phil’s Farm, food, crafts, music and educational activities, Duck Derby with prizes for the fastest ducks.

The weather was great and there was plenty to try out and explore. I don’t normally pack two cameras on general days out but as I couldn’t decide between using the 56mm or the 23mm I opted to bring both the Fujifilm X-T1 and X-E2 for good measure.  Both lenses offer reliable versatility and stunning bokeh with the 56mm just having the edge for people photography.

Phil's Farm

The Fujifilm 56mm is a bokeh master and the Fujifilm cameras offer an accurate render, on screen of how the image will look even when shooting at an aperture of f/1.2. Furthermore the longer focal length offered a nice level of reach for distant objects and people such as those in the boats going through the locks.

Union Locks

As you can see the weather was somewhat uncharacteristic for September, t-shirts and ice-cream were not what we were expecting heading into Autumn.

Lisburn Canal

Having visited the Island Arts Centre scores of times it was my first time actually seeing the Hanna’s lock in action and the Lagan canal full of various boats of all shapes and sizes.

Between the loughs lisburn


Replacing the boats in the canal were six hundred yellow ducks, all sponsored and all with a chance of winning some big prizes.

Duck Race

The focus was fun and we spend three hours around the Civic Centre trying a range of new experiences and every age group (and we represented them all) was covered from archery through to the climbing wall.

archery Lisburn

Climbing Wall

I spent the afternoon snapping away between the X-T1 and the X-E2 with the 56mm winning the lens war for the most used documenting the various experiences on offer. It was a fantastic day and I think there are quite a few images that will make their way into the 2014 year book.


Young Enterprise
Fujifilm 56mm
Understanding Depth of Field


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