Hilden : The End of the Spool

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This is the final set of photos from Hilden Mill, there are dozens more that I won’t bore you with now and can revisit in a few years time if flixelpix is still around. This set features the exterior of the now decrepit mill.

I have already covered the external aspects of the mill in a previous post (here). What strikes me the most as I made my way around the maze of buildings is just how quiet the Hilden area remains.

The number of birds than inhabit the decaying buildings is something to behold. As you can see in this post nearly every photo with sky features some sort of birdlife hovering overhead.

Hilden Mill

Apparently most of the exterior walls that remain will be incorporated in the new domestic development. The walls do seem amazing solid and feature some bizarre additional columns and supports. One particularly interesting aspect of one building is a series of almost mini house climbing the white brick walls.

It almost looks like a large chimney with a set of mini rooms coming off it on each floor. In addition to the tiny tiled roof the tiny four paned window adds to the play house feel.

Barbour Threads

It is remarkable the interest that the mill generates. I have received a number of messages from ex-employees of the mill that have been particularly complimentary, and historically interesting.

Photos can tell one tiny snapshot of the Mill’s legacy but I get the impression there are hundreds of stories and experiences out there yet to be told.

Photos from “Through the Mill”


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