Halloween Fireworks

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I am not sure why the above photo is not as sharp as the flickr version as they are both 60dpi, I will have take a look at how the site handles images.

As part of their Halloween celebrations Lisburn City Council / Island Arts Centre laid on a Hallowe’en Treasure Trail to explore the eerie historic surroundings of Castle Gardens followed by a stunning fireworks finale. Arriving late we were unable to gain access to Castle Gardens so much of our view was obscured by the trees (our own fault for being late).

I decided to try and use the war memorial as a focusing point, a high aperture and a pretty high ISO. I found there were was a point in the fireworks to click. Too early and the camera couldn’t focus, too late and there was too much light and the high ISO caused destructive over exposure.

Lisburn Fireworks

I am not sure if I was taking photos of fireworks or rather taking photos of the statue using the fireworks as a dramatic backdrop. Nevertheless I have discovered that to attempt firework photography without a tripod is a complete and total nightmare.

Additional photos are available in the flickr group here.


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