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Long Exposures, XE-1 & 18-55mm

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I was asked my opinion on how the Fujinon 18-55mm zoom lens would fare in Long Exposure Photography setting. Equipped with my trusty tripod I thought I would capture a few very quick test shots using the Fuji XE-1 and 18-55mm lens. (You can read my review of the X-E1 here).

long exposureThe Long Exposure (PDF eBook)
The eBook covers everything from the equipment you will need right through to post-production processing in Adobe’s brilliant Lightroom 4. This guide has been written with the beginner to the long exposure process in mind; however, the enthusiast and professional alike may find something of relevance also. The Book comes with 6 dedicated Lightroom Presets. The Long Exposure Ebook

I headed to the my favourite location and the one I used for the cover of The Long Exposure eBook. Without any ND filters I shot a series of long exposure images between F/18 and F/22 shooting at up to 3 seconds with an ISO of 200.

XF 18-55mm lens

This image is straight out the camera with no post processing.I am shooting RAW with the X-E1 and have noticed that Lightroom 4 crops the X-E1 RAW files on import. It is easily fixed by clicking the “Crop Overlay” tool in the Develop module and setting the size to be “Original”.

Fujinon 18-55mm lens long exposure flixelpix

I did put the 18mm (prime) lens on the camera with ND10 filter attached but I actually found I missed the OVF  of the X-Pro1 for final framing. It is probably something I will get used to but the real joy has to be just how light the X-E1 is to carry around, it is definitely noticeably lighter than my X-Pro1 (which isn’t exactly heavy!).

Using the Zoom

XF18-55mm fuji lens zoomed to 55mm

It was liberating to be able to use the zoom lens to frame the shot. With a prime lens the photographer has to zoom with their feet which has obvious limitations at the base of a fast flowing waterfall. With the zoom lens I was able to get tighter (towards the 55mm end of the lens) and retain the f/22 aperture using the manual aperture mode (switch on side of lens).

You can view larger version of the photos featured in this post over in the flickr set. I was really impressed at the quality of the images even if they are only 2 second exposure captures at f/22. If you want to learn how to capture long exposure images with any camera system then check out The Long Exposure ebook.


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The Long Exposure eBook
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The X-E1 flickr Set


David is a documentary and landscape photographer covering everything from dramatic long exposure landscape photography through to live music. David is a former Official Fujifilm X Photographer.


  1. HI, Great shots! Awesome long exposure shots. As always, I love your black and white image than the color ones. And I dont know the reason why. Also would like to inform you that there is a mistake in the article. In the last part, instead of f/22 you have mistakenly mentioned f/122. I am sure there isn’t and value of 122.

  2. Interesting shots and a worthwhile lens test. Personally I would avoid f/22 and wouldn’t go past f/16 because of difraction issues. You would get a much better quality sharpness with f/9 and an ND filter for example.

  3. Hi!

    Great Shots!

    Regarding “I am shooting RAW with the X-E1 and have noticed that Lightroom 4 crops the X-E1 RAW files on import.” I have just recently found a even easier and faster workaround for me…

    When being in the Lightroom LIBRARY, select ALL relevant images and just click on “Reset All” in the Quick Develop Menu on the right hand side. So, on my Mac it’s usually only CMD+A and “Reset All” and job’s done…


    I don’t use any presets on import – just the plain raw files, so it’s perfect for me.

    What do you think?


  4. Hi David

    I’m considering switching from Canon 7D to Fuji X-pro 1 or XE-1 for mainly landscape & travel photography (especially if they bring out a wide angle) so I think I’ll be spending a while reading your site! I’ve tried the X-pro 1 around London for a day and loved it but how do you rate either of these for landscapes and do they both have bulb mode?


  5. Thanks for a great article. I shoot with the X-E1 and the 18-55 and 35. However I also have Nikons D800, D700 and assorted Nikon glass. I’m always concerned when going out to shoot landscapes as to whether to grab the D800 and use it as I do my MF gear — tripod, Mup, etc, or just bring my X-E1… Well my X-E1 usually wins. I now have the 10-24 F4 on pre-order and I think that lens will pretty much wrap up my landscape kit. I do lots of long exposures as well — one of my favorite things to shoot is my seacoast.
    Thanks again,

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