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Adobe Lightroom Preset for the Fujifilm X100V

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I have a collection of Lightroom presets that I use with different camera and lens combinations. I have been a long time fan of the Fujifilm X100 series camera taking one everywhere since 2011. Recently I been fine tuning a Lightroom preset that enhances the appearance of JPGs shot in Classic Chrome or Eterna Cinema using the the X100V camera.

Although I designed this Lightroom preset for the X100V it should have similar outcomes on other Fujifilm cameras that offer Classic Chrome or Eterna Cinema. Even if you don’t have such a camera feel free to give the Lightroom Preset a try on your images. Note this preset is also included in the FlixelPix X100V Lightroom Preset Pack.

With the X100 cameras I shoot JPG and use film simulation bracketing. This captures 3 versions of the image

1. Velvia,
2. Classic Chrome or Eterna Cinema and

I then review all 3 images in Lightroom CC and generally work with either the ACROS of Classic Chrome images.

Although I love the muted feel of Classic Chrome and Eterna Cinema there are times when you want to lift the image. This is the Lightroom Preset I use as a starting point.

Lightroom Preset for Fujifilm X100V

Use the slider to compare the before and after image.


X100V lightroom Preset Before


Fujifilm X100V Presets
X100V lightroom Preset BeforeFujifilm X100V Presets

Once applied I will make micro adjustments to the exposure, black level and shadows/highlights. This is particularly relevant when shooting into the sun.

I have also been shooting with Fujifilm’s weather sealing filter and I have had to ‘heal’a few flare spots in images but Lightroom makes this relatively straight forward. Download the Lightroom Preset below :

Note. : Presets are used at your own risk and act as a starting point for any image. If you use the preset I’d appreciate a link back to this page. Also see – the FlixelPix X100V Lightroom Preset Pack.


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