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Foreigner : Belfast

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It was a pleasure to spend the night in the Waterfront Hall, Belfast watching three fantastic rock bands performing classic tracks from decades in the industry. “Foreigner”, “FM” and “No Hot Ashes” impressed the sold out Belfast audience, No Hot Ashes, in particular, going down very well back on home soil.

My first introduction to Foreigner was in 1985 when I was given a double vinyl LP aptly entitled “The Greatest Hits of 1985”. In all honesty I can only remember two songs from the double album, “I want to know what love is” by Foreigner and the theme track from Beverly Hills Cop (“Axel–F”). The reason for my lack of attention to this double album was I had also received both “Brothers in Arms” and the album “Under Lock and Key” by an American rock band called Dokken.

Chris Frazier, Foreigner

The Greatest Hits, “Brothers in Arms” and “Under lock and Key” created a bizarre mix of music, but it was the Dokken sound that gripped me and within a few months I was attempting to learn the George Lynch guitar lines on a Hohner electric guitar plugged directly into the mic socket of a turntable amplifier. It was a punishing sound but inspired by local guitarist Vivian Campbell I persevered.

Mentioning Viv, it was also great to catch up with the brilliant Ray Haller (Sweet Savage) at the Foreigner gig and I sincerely can’t wait for the new Savage album that is due out later this year.

Jeff Pilson, Foreigner, Belfast

After discovering “Under Lock and Key” I bought every Dokken album and VHSed the Rock Show at 2am in the morning with the off-chance they would feature Dokken, Keel or Van Halen videos during the Sunday night show. I did manage to see Dokken live in Belfast, I thought supporting AC/DC but I am told it may have been supporting Accept, it all merges.

FM, Foreigner, Belfast

FM Photos

A small selection of the photos taking of FM in Belfast’s Waterfront Hall, 1st April 2014.

Line-up – Steve Overland – vocals & guitar / Merv Goldsworthy – bass / Pete Jupp – drums / Jem Davis – keyboards / Jim Kirkpatrick – guitar

Now, many years later, multiple worlds collide and Foreigner are playing the Waterfront Hall in Belfast and it became apparent that the apparent bizarre mix of ‘The Greatest Hits of 1985’ and Dokken’s ‘Under Lock and Key’ wasn’t that bizarre after all.

One of the four original members of Dokken, Jeff Pilson, a diverse musical talent is now the bass player in Foreigner and also appears in the film “Rock Star” alongside Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston.

Foreigner, Belfast,

Foreigner Photos

A small selection of photos from Foreigner, Waterfront Hall, Belfast, 1st April 2014.

Foreigner is embarking on a UK & Europe tour with (the band) “Europe” and “FM” (although, sadly, Europe didn’t perform in Dublin or Belfast).

It was a remarkable, sold out show and the veterans of rock (in the nicest possible way) demonstrated the advantage of experience. I think there were many in the audience who were transported back to their teenage years when Foreigner lead singer, Kelly Hanson went on an audience walk about during the brilliant ‘Cold as Ice’.

Kelly Hanson Crowd Walk, Belfast

I also packed the trusty Fujifilm X100s and I will post some back stage portraits of Jeff Pilson once I have them processed.


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