Photography Exhibition : Through the Mill

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It is definitely strange seeing it in print but the Island Arts Centre Programme arrived this morning and there in black and white was my Hilden Urban Decay exhibition.

“Through the Mill, a series of thought-provoking images by a local photographer, captures a living history of aspects of Lisburn’s industrial past. “

A two hundred year story ended in 2006 with the closure of Hilden Mill – ‘Through the Mill’, a final chapter,offers us a unique opportunity to see the mill as it is now and a chance to imagine something of the lives of generations of mill workers.

The images challenge us to consider our heritage – what has gone before, what will never return, what is our legacy, and what will become of an architectural and industrial landmark on our doorstep?

‘This series transcends location, with its images capturing urban decay, the natural world and the minutiae of our daily routine, challenging us to consider the supposed silence of the past and our place in the present’.

It is obviously a daunting experience as this is my first photography exhibition, if you are free during the week I’d appreciate you calling in for a viewing. As a novice on a steep learning curve all feedback or advice is greatly appreciated.


DATE: Wed 13 Oct – Sat 23 Oct 2010
Island Arts Centre : Lisburn Civic Centre, The Island, Lisburn


Island Arts Centre
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Photos from “Through the Mill”


David is a documentary and landscape photographer covering everything from dramatic long exposure landscape photography through to live music. David is a former Official Fujifilm X Photographer.


  1. Best of luck, David! What I’ve seen looks great! Whenever I see photos like these or experience these subjects first hand, I almost hallucinate to what these places were like in their heyday. Closest thing to experiencing ghosts.

    Knock em dead!

  2. Great photos David. Love the one of the lock. There’s something quite special about derelict buidlings. I’ve taken some photos of old mills at Gilford, Donaghcloney and the old Lotus Shoe Factory at Banbridge. I wish you every success in the future.

  3. I saw this exhibition when I was in NI in October. My grandfather worked in the mill and lived in a mill house in what was once called Delacherois Avenue.
    It was amazing to see what is left on the inside, quite eerie.
    I have watched a program on http://www.photoxplorers.com and the show I watched had them photographing an old building in Belgium. Similar feelings, seeing abandoned boots, respirators, time cards etc.
    Your photographs are really impressive.

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