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The Duckworth Lewis Method

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The Duckworth Lewis Method are a ‘cricket pop combo’ formed by Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy and Thomas Walsh of Pugwash. Named after the mathematical formulation (D/L Method) designed to calculate the target score for the team batting second in a limited overs match interrupted by weather or other circumstances.

The group performed their latest innings, bowling over a packed audience in Belfast’s Limelight. Hannon and Walsh have described their album as “a kaleidoscopic musical adventure through the beautiful and rather silly world of cricket.” and this translates perfectly in a remarkably entertaining spectacle even for those who don’t understand cricket.

Thomas Walsh

A Duckworth Lewis Method gig isn’t just about perfectly performed music about cricket it is an entertainment in itself. The irish ‘craic’ was mighty with the disclosure from Thomas that Neil was infected by Dublin and Neil’s retort was reminding that band that there was a chance the audience had come to hear music.

Duckworth Lewis Method

The band features one of the UK best drummers Tim Weller who I first met performing with the brilliant Duke Special and the Ulster Orchestra at the Waterfront hall.

Neil Hannon

It really was a brilliant night and the audience were very much made to the feel that they were on a night out with a bunch of musicians whose friendship was firmly based on banter and verbal abuse.

I was also great to bump into Duke Special on what was a mood lifting performance by one of the most down to earth bands around. Better still I managed to enjoy it without the faintest idea about cricket.

The Duckworth Lewis Method’s latest album ‘Sticky Wickets‘ is currently available. I highly recommend this album but if you get the opportunity to see The Duckworth Lewis Method live then you have to take it!!


The Duckworth Lewis Method Website


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