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X100 : Paris Challenge

The Fuji Finepix X100 is a brilliant little camera but there is simply no justification in me owning a camera of such value and the idea of my need for a “walk around” camera comes in somewhere between arrogant and delusional. Yet I still love it.

Visually the X100 is a stunning looking camera much of the envy from other photographers was derived by how the device looked rather than how it performed. That said this little camera really is a brilliant little performer.

So what are the challenges?

When the story began I was looking for a camera that could replace a Canon 5D MKII being lugged around. A Camera that was going to offer the same image quality and ease of use without the bulk and stigma. The Fuji did come very close on image quality but the camera just isn’t ever, nor is designed to be as responsive as a digital SLR.

Having travelled all the way to Paris with just the X100 I checked the battery after a quiet day casual shooting to find it had a full 3 bar power level. As I ventured out on the second day shoot I witnessed the visual drop from 3 bars to 2.

In my mind I had 2/3 of the battery remaining but to my horror within only a few more frames of shooting the camera was at 1 bar and then without warning the battery was suddenly dead. This all literally happened within 20-30 mins. In reality the move from 3 bars to 2 was more like going from 90 to 10% battery. Having discussed with on flickr I found I was not alone with this issue and hope for the sake of other users Fuji rectify this in the next firmware release.

My most Popular photo on flickr was with the X100

My (currently) most popular photograph on flickr was captured using the X100.


(click on the photo to view it large on flickr).

The X100 for Street Photography

I had read with interest how great the X100 camera is for street photography but I don’t feel comfortable taking photos in Northern Ireland. I am not sure people are as receptive or willing as they would be in Paris, London or New York?

Having read this you are probably thinking it is a quite a reaction to sell a camera with the only apparent criticism being the accuracy of the battery indicator. I went for the X100 with the idea it would be easier to carry around than a digital DSLR.

In reality the obvious difference is the camera is smaller and lighter, the problem is it still requires the efforts associated with carrying a camera. It still needs to be looked after, carried and protected. It isn’t a camera that you can easily stick in a coat pocket but it does look rather unassuming over your shoulder or around your neck.


There are so many things I love about the X100, the panoramas, the low light performance, the stunning colour, the lack of noise and the sheer beauty, I am tempted by the X10 but can either replace my 5D?

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