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Top Photos using the Fuji X100

Having previous shared my most popular 50 flickr photos of 2011 I thought I would look at the FlixelPix posts that have made the top 10 list. Without doubt my love for the Fuji X100 has dominated since July. Ultra portable, ultra-powerful the camera reignited the photography challenge.  If anything it now feels less comfortable carrying a DSLR around when the X100 is capable of so much, and did I also mention the camera itself is a thing of beauty?

You can see just how much the X100 dominates with four of the ten articles containing X100 in the title.

 Top 10 Posts of 2011

1. 30 Photos taken with the Fuji X100

2. How to run a wordpress photo blog

3. Fuji Finepix X100 Sample Shots

4. Fuji X100 Macro Photos

5. Free Lightroom Preset : Sweets

6. Top Tips on using the X100

7. I love Lightroom Presets

8. 50 Most Popular Photos of 2011

9. In Praise of the 50mm Lens

10. Flickr Explore 2011

Top 10 X100 Photos of 2011

In addition I thought it would be good to post my Top 10 photos taken with the X100 in 2011. It will be interesting to see how things fair in 2012, I suspect the Ferris Wheel will continue to feature on flickr, although I do have to confess I am getting tired looking at it. The goal for 2012 is to remove it from the top 5 with better captures. You can click on any of the photos to view it large on flickr.

1. Spin


2. Leaves : Ends Badly

Wet Leaves : Ends Badly (Explore 3 Dec 2011)

3. Belfast Cafe

Belfast Cafe

4. Ferris Wheel Revisited


5. Collection

X100 Handful

6. St George’s Market

St George's Market Belfast

7. Balloon


8. Too Late

Too Late

9. Some Fun Guys

Some Fun Guys

10. Paris

The Hustler

You can view the full sets of X100 or 2011 Photos see below :

FlixelPix X100 Photos

Best Photos from 2011

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