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Urban Sport : BMX

As well as the traditional photos associated with the Lisburn Lord Mayors Parade there was an amazing display of urban sport by the Ourbus BMX Team.

The team from the Unit 13 skate park demonstrated an array of stunts and tricks some of which were approaching life threatening at times.

The aim of the Ourbus charity is to make urban sport available to all, this includes skateboarding, BMX, inline skating etc.

The action was fast and pretty high above the crowd so I ended up taking these shots at f2.8 and used manual focus to fix on the area above the main jump.

You can see from the image below just how the performers were able to not only jump but also to safely land their bikes on two wheels.

You can find out more about Unit 13 and the Ourbus charity over at www.ourbus.org A number of additional photos can be found in my flickr stream here.

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Tags: Last modified: December 12, 2010