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Murlough Bay Boys in Trouble

Today was the first casual day out that I carried the X-Pro1 as ‘bring along’ camera. There was no set plan to take photos it was about seeing what was there when and if the opportunity arose. I’ve become a habitual visitor to Dundrum, a place of such outstanding natural beauty with vistas that can make any photo look good.

A dull day I carried the X-Pro1 with the 18mm lens attached, even my smallest photo bag felt large and empty. The mountains were obscured by a thick cloud and everything was a pastel pale blue. As we headed to the water’s edge I was under strict instruction not to let the children get wet. It was through the viewfinder of the X-Pro1 that although I had permitted a ‘careful paddle’ I realised I had omitted the instruction to roll up trousers. It seems I wasn’t the only one to spot the boy’s error.

The Mournes

The emergency change of clothes were issued and all was well. The photos were a vein attempt to recreate the stunning cinematography of the 2000 New Zealand film Rain. An award winning filming with breathtaking New Zealand coastlines a little like those in County Down. What amazes me is is the depth of detail in the images captured by the X-Pro1.

A small house was spotted in the forest as we left the bay.

House in the Forest

Yes this is a pre-production model and yes I was shooting .JPG but the detail in the tones is striking. The sea and sky were almost identical in colour and it was hard to decided what to try and focus on and thus I moved to manual focus using the ability to zoom to 100% to ensure ultra sharp images.

I love this camera, I love that it is an extension of my eye, I can literally concentrate on composition and over the last few weeks I have learned how to intuitively adjust settings without moving the camera from my eye.

I was further amazed at how great the 18mm was for general portraits on the beach. I don’t post such online but it is nice to have the f2 on the wider angle and be able to isolate the subject from what was going on behind. Traditionally this would have been a 5DMKII and the 17-40. Did I miss anything? only the weight!

Today was also special as the amazingly talented Bic Runga complimented the FlixelPix site. Bic is in the UK in April, check out the tour dates on her website.

There are a few more photos from today on flickr and Facebook.

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