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Hansel’s House

I have decided to try and go for a full month only taking black and white photographs. The aim is to explore mono beyond the application of presets in Adobe Lightroom. Shooting for black and white changes how you frame and approach a subject and the transformation from full colour to shades of grey can dramatically alter the detail and tone.

We discovered this little house on the way to the beach. Akin to the style to which we all imagine Hansel and Gretel residing it lay crumbling at the side of the road.

The House has been pretty much devoured of anything that has value but what is left is overgrown, eerie and empty.

It was hard to decide how to process the images for mono. I was tempted to run them all through SilverFX but I thought I would learn more processing them from scratch using Lightroom.

I tend to only publish photos that are ultra sharp and the building was so dark even at 2.8 the camera struggled to capture the dark corners. I didn’t want to enter the house so the photos are shot through windows.

If I could have sought permission to enter the house it would have been great to see what lay beyond. There weren’t any houses near by, this really was a little house forgotten and lost.

The birds now reside in every corner of the house. All photos are shot on a Canon 5D Mark 2 with either the 24-70 or 17-40 lenses. There are a few more photos of the house on flickr.

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