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Belfast Street Photography

Looking at Belfast above the street level shops can reveal historic and architectural beauty. There seemed no better place to experiment with a little bit of black and white HDR photography.

Using the 17-40 lens to ensure I covered as much real-estate as possible I deliberately placed the camera at strange angles to exaggerate the street.

I am not sure if HDR photography is really my cup of tea (so to speak). To be honest I spent more time reducing the vivid HDR look to create a more subtle, sharp black and white image.

A few metres off the main shopping street shows a different side of the city. Hungry for redevelopment a single barber shop occupies an otherwise derelict street. I think Belfast Street Photography looks best in black and white and perhaps a subtle HDR offers greater clarity overall.

The only colour photograph (non HDR) of the day comes my youngest son insisting on giving part of his birthday money to a street performer. He would not be swayed on this decision, a surprising act of generosity.

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