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Autumn Conker Season

A perfect day to take the 17-40mm lens and ND filter on a hunt for ‘conkers’. I fully expected to be taking wide shots of landscapes and tree lined hills rather than almost micro shots of chestnuts.

The sun was low and beamed through the trees to highlight patches of yellow to brown leaves which we used as a backdrop to our conker finds.

Probably the biggest challenge was highlighting the brown of the conker from the browns of the leaves and twigs in which it lay.

I was limited to an aperture of F4 which makes exaggerating the depth of field a little difficult.

I would have loved to be able to have gone done as low as f2.8 but these are the best I could come up with.

There really is very little post production in these images mostly due to the fact autumn offers amazing colours which are made even richer through the ND filter.

I wish I had of managed to get in a little closer or at very least more on the level. A mixture of wet ground and vanity held me back.

A few more examples are available in the Autumn / Winter Flickr set.

If you are interested in canvas prints of any of the photos then please get in contact.

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