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50 Most Popular Photographs of 2011

Every year I post my most popular photographs from over the last 12 months according to flickr popularity stats. You can read 2010’s post here.

One post that I think is worthy of a mention that falls through the narrow gap between the 2010 post and the beginning of 2011 is this photograph of Hillsborough at Christmas.

Hillsborough in the Evening

Returning to 2011, below is a list of around fifty photographs in no particular order. I have taken the liberty of editing the list a little as a few photos are very similar and also one or two photographs were popular due to their subject rather than the photo, for example my photos of the X100 camera.

My most popular photo from 2011 (above) was captured with the Fuji FinePix X100 camera, in fact, twenty of the list are X100 photographs with the remainder being the Canon 5D MKII. My full set of X100 photographs can be found on flickr.

The following are cropped version of the photographs, click on a photo to view of flickr then click “L” to view large.

After a day capturing long exposures I took this photograph of some twisted branches. This photo made flickr explore with the long exposures falling to insignificance.

Enchanted Forest

The next photo still remains on flickr explore and was taken with the 50mm lens at 1.4. You can view the rest of my Explored photographs here.

Vintage Car

This photograph also appears in flickr explore and was captured with an ultra wide lens using an ND 10 B+W filter.

Castlewellan Lake before the rain (Explore)

I visit this jetty when I want to test or try a new technique. It is my resolution for 2012 not to take a single photograph of either of these jetties.

Old Jetty

Another 50mm photograph, this image was edited in Silver Efex Pro 2.

Just heard the price of breakfast is coming out of pocket money.

Another X100 flickr Explore photograph. As the title says although this split second looks good the next were particularly messy. I do have to say I was impressed at the speed of the X100, the teddy didn’t even hit the ground.

Wet Leaves : Ends Badly (Explore 3 Dec 2011)

The cliched long exposure photographs.

Stepping Stones in Autumn

This Photograph of the interior of a Belfast Cafe also appears on flickr Explore and was captured with the X100.

Belfast Cafe

Yet another X100 photograph. This image was accepted in to the Getty Images Catalogue.


Yet another X100 capture. Well, a capture of a Fuji X100 taken using a 50mm lens at 1.4.

Autumn Walk with the X100

This 50mm capture as I walked down the street in Portrush also managed to make it to flickr Explore.

Portrush Streets

Only a child would try and capture a moth by clapping their hands. The title “Too late” says it all, many tears followed.

Too Late

X100 capture processed in Silver Efex 2.

X100 Handful

This photograph made it to flickr explore and was taken with a 50mm lens. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking landscapes need ultra wide lenses. The 50mm lens never ceases to amaze.


This stranded boat always received a visit when we are in County Down. Accessible with the tide is out a wide lens can really distort the structure.

Stranded Boat

This photograph reminds me of one of those tragic images you see in Christian bookshop with a verse stencilled on in black marker. A little too soft for liking it still made it to flickr Explore.

Watching the Storm

X100, black and white and Paris. It really is the perfect combination.

Eiffel Tower

X100 Macro photograph.

Green Bottles X100


Tollymore Forest Park, County Down.


I think I pretty much managed to exhaust the long exposure this year. I had to jump through hoops to get this capture but I think the wait was worth it.


Stranded II

The X100 demonstrating its brilliant macro capabilities. This photo was taken with firmware 1.1.0, the update to 1.1.1 makes macro capture even better.

Some Fun Guys

The view to the Mournes as two horse riders gallop past.

Sunday Walk

X100 black and white in probably one of the last zebra crossings in Belfast.

Belfast Crossing

8mm Cine Camera

The new jetty that replaced the old jetty at the top of this post.

Last of the Sun


The Cascades

A macro shot of the fuji X100 controls.

Fuji X100

The view across Belfast Lough to Carrickfergus. Long Exposure at night.


The ultra wide 17mm lens distorted the buildings a little too much. Rescued by Silver Efex Pro.


A Gift with Thanks

Lisburn in Black and White

This is one of the first photographs I took with the X100. I don’t particularly like it but for some reason it caught the eye of other flickr members.

Still Running


Street photograph using the X100. A remarkable building it is easy to capture.

Belfast Building

Ferris Wheel

A non winter version of Hillsborough Parish church this time take with the X100 at 35mm.

Hillsborough Parish Church

Vintage Tardis

I loved this series along the beach towards the Mournes. The wide angle and ultra dark mono make the image feel as quite as the beach was that day.

The Jump

Point of Light

Into the Sun

X100 black and white processed with Silver Efex Pro 2.
The Hustler

15 Seconds

Closer Bridge

This image was taken with the Fuji X100 and accepted into the Getty Images Catalogue.

Love Locks in Paris

Another Flickr Explore photograph yet I don’t think it is the best of the carnival long exposure captures.

Arcade (Explore)

Dundrum Castle in Black and White. A frequent destination in the Autumn.

The Castle Door

It is interesting to see how well 2011 features in my top 100 ever photos published on flickr. You can see the top 100 here. The photo of the swans dates back to 1st Jan 2010 and after nearly two years I’m sick of the sight of it. It is a great relief to have a photo claim the number 1 position this year but already I feel it is getting tired.

I really hope to replace the full top ten photographs in the 2012 collection. See you next year.

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