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30 Black and White Photos of London

We recently visited London to see first hand some of my photos featured in the window of Harrods (click to read more). Armed with the trusty X-Pro1 (pre-production), the 18mm and 35mm lenses I ventured into an almost reportage view of our journey through the city. The top photo was shot the train pulling into Victoria Station. It was tricky to handle the reflection, the dirty window and the fact the train was moving.

The following photos can be clicked on to view larger on flickr. All photographs were taken with a pre-production X-Pro1 with either the 18mm or 35mm lenses.

[box]Please note the following are best viewed large. Click on an image and then tap L to view at largest view. You can view the full set here. [/box]

Sunday 1st April was Palm Sunday I initially spotted a few people carrying small wooden crosses. A church lead a parade through a very hot and sunny Leicester Square.

Palm Sunday Parade

I can’t help thinking “long exposure” when I see moving water. This is a night shot of Trafalgar Square.

Trafalgar at night

I always take a photo from this exact spot each time I am in London. There was almost a queuing system in place for other photographers to do the same.

Running Away

One of the best galleries in the world The Tate Gallery is all about open space. This man was looking for his wife; I hope he found her.


London Trees from the Hotel.

London Trees

I don’t think I have seen as many cameras in once place as I did around London. It was the number of high end Canon and Nikon cameras that surprised me the most.

Photography in the Shade

Barclay’s Bank sponsor the bikes around London. I spotted the 3rd one in had a puncture, we passed again ten minutes later and it was gone.


Tourist Shot : Big Ben

Big Ben

The Charterhouse alongside the famous Smithfield Market.


Smiths of Smithfield, owned by John Torode it has be one of the nicest restaurants in the area.

Smiths of Smithfield (SOS)

I assumed that Sunday would be quiet around London which was very wrong. It was packed with people in a rush to be somewhere else.

Trafalgar Square Shadows

The Apple Store, Regent Street.

The Apple Store London

The Tate Gallery Skyline

The Tate Gallery Rain

A Butcher is required in Smithfield Market. We got up early eagerly expecting lots of colour of a busy market. It was amazing to see but I won’t post the photos of sheep heads.

Butcher Required

China Town : Oriental Delight

Oriental Delight

Baker Street Tube Station should be a tourist attraction in its own right. It is like being on the set of Sherlock Holmes it is almost surreal.

Baker Steet Station Waiting

The Victoria and Albert Museum to visit pieces by Stuart Cairns and Samantha Moore.

The Victoria and Albert

Musical Talent invades Covent Garden

Covent Garden Entertainment

China Town Never Sleeps

China Town Never Stops

The Cycle Watcher

The Cycle Watcher

This man is the legend who provided a lesson on London travel. He literally sells everything from Beer to Andrew’s Liver Salts.

Mr Oyster Card

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

A B&W Long Exposure of Trafalgar Square.

Pigeon Ghosts

A twisted metal seat by Smithfield Market

Twisted Resting Place

Clink Street

Clink Steet

Dim Sum Daily

Dim Sum Daily

Leaving Harrods I was acutely aware of the stark reality that lies in London and every other UK city.

The Hand and Racquet won’t be hitting back.

The Hand and Racquet

Playing the Cone was actually both creative and impressive.

Playing the Cone

What about some Colour

This long exposure (18 seconds) was shot by resting the X-Pro1 on a wall, no ND filter just a steady hand to hold it in place to capture at f/16.

X-Pro1 18 Second long Exposure from a wall

London Buildings

Thames Towers

British Rain needs a British Umbrella

British Rain needs a British Umbrella

Oxford Street is famous for shopping but this isn’t what I was necessarily expecting.

Oxford Street Shopping old style

St. Paul’s walk

London walk with the X-Pro1

You can view the full set of London 2012 photos visit flickr.

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