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Day at the Beach

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A weekend at the foot of the Mournes is the perfect location for photography opportunities. Arriving late on Friday evening I headed down to a little secluded beach alongside the famous Tyrella coastline for some moonlit landscape photography. Having time to actually look around and approach the County Down landscape at various times of the day was a luxury that wasn’t going to go missed.

tyrella beach

I packed the Fujifilm X-E2 with the 14mm and  23mm lenses. In addition the X-M1 with the 35mm served for the family, close up type shots. The area is steeped in history, the photograph below shows a ruin of six houses not far from the shoreline. It was great being able to go between the 23mm and to the 14mm lenses when needed. The fact the 23mm offers a maximum after of f/1.4 meant it was pretty much locked on the camera throughout.

Black and White Ruins

The main Tyrella beach was also accessible so a long walk along the length of the coast allowed us to see the storm damage from the previous week of very bad weather.  I’ve started to use the strap from the Black Rapid Sapr35 (not the bag, just the strap) with my X range cameras, it makes the camera accessible on those occasions when photography isn’t the main focus of the trip.

Tyrella walk

In the late afternoon I used the Manfotto Golden Hour iPhone application to head out for some low light long exposure photography using the brilliant Lee Seven5 system.  If you want to know more about Long Exposure Photography check out my Long Exposure eBook.

long exposure photography

The sun was going down quickly and it was a spetacular view watching the golden light fall across the beach and an opportunity for some silhouette captures before heading home.

Celebrating The Mournes

It is brilliant having a camera system I can carry around all day with ease and I probably manage to capture more as a result. Better again is brilliant to live in location that offers such breath taking views, views that look different in every season and in every weather. The golden, sun lit Mournes of Saturday were invisible behind the cloud the very next morning.

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