Hen Mountain, The Mournes

The Crags of Hen Mountain

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Hen Mountain is situated in the western Mournes and peaks at approximately 350m above sea level. The three birds, (Hen, Cock and Pigeon rock), is a popular day walk with a total walking distance of around 6 miles. On this visit we decided to approach Hen from a photographic point of view and headed up the steep Rocky Mountain, through to Tornamrock then back down to the river via Windy Gap. We definitely made it difficult for ourselves.

I was shooting with my trusty Fujifilm X100T, (it goes everywhere). See 100 Photos captured with the X100 series. The 35mm focal length offers enough of the landscape to provide a good balance between detail and scale. Capturing everything using a reasonably shallow depth of field of f/4 and an ISO of 400 meant I was able to concentrate my focus on the clouds. I used the exposure compensation dial to make adjustments ensuring I was happy with the level of balance and contrast in the sky.

Hen Mountain in the Mourne Mountains

Hen Mountain

The photograph above is the vista as we climbed the steep side of Rocky Mountain. You can just see the river and main path running along the centre of the image. Hen Mountain is popular with climbers who favour the single pitch crags and the area tends to be busy all year round. The area offers a vast array of natural colour from rich yellows to deep greens through to the bright purples of the various heathers.

The best vistas / photographic opportunities are actually on the return along the river from Pigeon Rock. As we walked alongside the Rocky River the sun offered a warm balance of colour and shade that compensated for the challenges we faced along the way.

Hen Mountain

A word of warning, there is very little in way of a set paths in this area. Always take proper precautions when out in the mountains and make sure you are equipped for all weathers. It is wise to let someone know your route before you head out. Please note location recommendations are used at your own risk.

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David is a documentary and landscape photographer covering everything from dramatic long exposure landscape photography through to live music. David is a former Official Fujifilm X Photographer.


  1. David, I tend to focus on the area of the scene that grabs my attention so it is normally the highest point of the mountain.

  2. Hello David! I love your picture! I just switch from nikon to fuji, i am in love with my new fuji x-t2 but now i want to ask you which lens you advise to use for landscape? And which filters you use for your long expouser pics? Thanks.

  3. Hi Manuel, I love the 16-55mm for landscapes as it is such a versatile lens and for long exposure photography I use the Lee Filters Seven5 range.

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