Coney Island

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When the sun comes out in Northern Ireland there is nothing like a visit to Coney Island beach and surrounding area. Home of the film The Shore and the famous song by Van Morrison the views are breathtaking set to the soundtrack of literally total silence. I am continuing to use my mono Lightroom 4 preset as a starting point to these black and white landscape images adjusting the levels of black where necessary.

Sadly I am still using the X-Pro1 in JPG mode until Adobe include a RAW camera profile in Lightroom, the results aren’t too bad in post production but I just can’t help feeling they will be even better once we have RAW support. I would advise click on the images and viewing large (press L) to see the detail caught in the landscapes.

The trip started in Downpatrick using the mono preset I was able to increase the definition of the building with the clarity slide and also bring out the blacks. The angle of the image isn’t as I would like but I was physically cropping out roadsigns and cars whilst trying to get the whole church in the frame. You can click on the images to view larger on flickr.


Following Downpatrick we headed to Ardglass harbour for some experimental long exposure images. Although there wasn’t that much water movement it still needed a 30 second exposure at f/16 to capture the detail of the area and at the same time smooth out the sea.

Ardglass Bay

The remains of a castle or tower lie on the beach against the backdrop of the marina.

Ardglass Beach

Looking across the marina I chanced to capture a long exposure of the fishing pier while shooting into the sun. I set the aperture at f/16, ISO 100 and a shutter speed of 30 seconds as I really wanted to catch the detail of the fishing boats.

The Fishing Pier

Looking inland to the town it was difficult to frame a shot that didn’t have bouncing boats or buoys that would ended up a distraction in the final photograph as they would be out of focus due to their constant movement.

Ardglass Town

Following the visit to Ardglass we made our way to Coney Island and Killough. It was odd to consider the Oscar winning film The Shore was shot on the beach on which we were standing.

It was great shooting with the 18mm (27mm equiv), it is particularly tighter than the 17mm on full frame I am used to but I’ve got to the point of feeling 17mm is actually just too wide. At 17mm without specific foreground detail there can be too much to look at and thus the photo can end up rather uninteresting.

The conversation

All of the photos were taken with the X-Pro1. I did have my 5DMKII on the trip as I expected I would have been yearning for some ultra wide shots but in reality I preferred the photos from the 18mm X-Pro1 lens.

Even shooting in JPG the X-Pro1 continues to amaze, I just can’t wait until Lightroom 4 supports the RAW files… roll on! You can view other X-Pro1 sample photos here.


David is a documentary and landscape photographer covering everything from dramatic long exposure landscape photography through to live music. David is a former Official Fujifilm X Photographer.

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