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Close Your Eyes and Read

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I haven’t managed to visit Lisburn’s R-Space Gallery in a few months but was excited to discover my visit was going to coincide with John D’Arcy exhibiting his “Close your Eyes and Read” installation.

Close Your Eyes and Read was appearing for three sessions (Friday 7th March, and Saturday-Sunday 8th/9th 1pm – 3pm) in R-Space Gallery, the installation is an immersive digital experience of poetry, song and video. The work follows on from D’Arcy’s recent experiments with verbal art forms, typographic media and experimental engagement with audiences.

Drawing on emotions and experiences in the virtual realm, Close Your Eyes and Read explores digital life through inventive poetics. Non-traditional storytelling in sound and video actively plays with the viewer’s reading and listening through time as they navigate their electronic consciousness.

John D'Arcy

Also visiting the installation were the extended D’Arcy family who, following a tour of the centre took the opportunity to grab a photo in the centre piece with R-Space Directors Anthea McWilliams and Robert Martin. It was great to meet John’s granny who shares the same name as my wife.

All photos captured with the brilliant Fujfilm X-T1 and 27mm lens. I am really finding the 27mm a brilliant little lens for everyday documentary photography.


R-Space Gallery
John D’Arcy

David is a documentary and landscape photographer covering everything from dramatic long exposure landscape photography through to live music. David is a former Official Fujifilm X Photographer.

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