Slieve Donard

Climbing Donard

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Today’s weather offered a mix of thunder, humidity, rain, cold and warm spells all while we made our way to the top of Northern Ireland’s highest Mountain, Donard.

The annual charity walk was the perfect for the X-T1 and both the 14mm and my favorite little 27mm pancake lens. Slieve Donard is 2790 feet tall and to reach the pinnacle you walk through forests, along rivers and up some seriously steep inclines.

View on the way up - Donard mountain

The changeable weather made for an interesting climb as 25 climbers watched waves of rolling cloud pass over the Mournes. The changeability conditions offered a number of opportunities for the sun to break through revealing the stunning mountain skyline.

Donard Forest

The lens of the day was definitely the 27mm, not so much down to the field of view but the fact it is such a light little lens. Donard is quite a climb and having a camera and lens around your neck can be a hassle. The X-T1 reduces that hassle to the minimum especially when partnered with the 27mm. I really do love this little lens, small, compact but the image quality including the bokeh is amazing.


Donard is a challenging walk but was for a great cause, see the Climb Donard Facebook Page. You can also need a few more images from the walk over on the Climb Donard Flickr Set. This will also help you identify which lens was used in each photo.


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