Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography from around the coast and mountains of Ireland. #Mournes

Going Wide : The Fujinon 14mm

Landscape Photography, Reviews • 4 Comments

Although I love my Fujinon 18mm pancake lens I still couldn’t wait to get out with the new Fujinon 14mm (21mm full frame Equivalent)...

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Long Exposure Divergence

FlixelPix Blog, Landscape Photography

The technique of capturing long exposure photographs never gets dull. You can exhaust every jetty, bridge and waterfall in your area but...

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Long Exposures, XE-1 & 18-55mm

FlixelPix Blog, Landscape Photography, Reviews • 6 Comments

I was asked my opinion on how the Fujinon 18-55mm zoom lens would fare in Long Exposure Photography setting. Equipped with my trusty tripod...

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35mm Tops Reader Poll

Landscape Photography, Reviews • 10 Comments

Autumn is one of those few times of the year when I deliberately try and shoot into the sun. A a break from Long Exposure Photography I was...

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