The FujiFilm X100 and the Lee Seven5 System

Reviews • 29 Comments

When it comes to filters Lee are the gold standard and their recently released Seven5 micro filter system now includes an option for the...

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The Fujifilm X100s, the story so far..

FlixelPix Blog, Reviews • 27 Comments

When Fujifilm announced the X100s I have to admit I was excited. I had grown to love the X100, I had grown used to the quirks and foibles...

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Hands On : The X100s

Reviews • 46 Comments

In July 2011 I purchased the Fujifilm X100 camera. I was struck by the liberty offered by such a small yet powerful camera. Coming from a...

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Hands On : The Fujifilm X20

Landscape Photography, Reviews, Video • 8 Comments

Fujifilm have just announced their new X20 and X100s cameras. In December I had the privileged opportunity (for which I am very...

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