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A Castlerock Christmas

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One of the finest beaches in Northern Ireland, Castlerock is situation on the very north coast on the country. Castlerock is a stunning location all year round with people traditionally walking to the bar mouth alongside the historic, Lawson’s Jetty. The return walk is particularly spectacular heading towards the cliffs of Downhill overlooked by the now famous Mussenden Temple.

We headed out in the late afternoon of Christmas day as the sun was beginning to set. We probably missed the best of the deep red hues that carpeted the beach but it was spectacular nonetheless.

Castlerock Beach with the Fujinon 18-55mm

Fujinon 18-55mm Lens

I often overlook zoom lenses with my love of prime lenses but I locked the Fujinon 18-55mm zoom lens to the Fujifilm X-E2 for capturing Christmas. The term ‘kit lens’ is often used to suggest ‘entry level’ or ‘basic’ but I think over the last few years manufactures have vastly improved their packaged lenses.

The Fujinon 18-55mm is no entry level kit lens it is a stunning piece of glass, offering image stabilization and a maximum aperture range of f/2.8 at the widest focal length through to just f/4 at 5mm. The build quality is also very high the focus is near silent. The lens is able to capture sharp shots in lowlight with little effort.

Fujinon 18-55mm.

It was the perfect companion on a walk along a beach when you are jumping between capturing the landscape and close family shots.

A walk on Castlerock beach was great way to spend the latter end of Christmas Day and if you get the chance to visit the area I would recommend a stop in Castlerock on your way to Mussenden Temple, Downhill and Bishop’s Gate.


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