Bushmills Bridge

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The River Bush in County Antrim flows from the Antrim Hills 480m above sea level and is the second location in my 48 hour Northern Ireland Photography Challenge, you can see location 1 here. The river weaves its way through the glens of Antrim passing through Bushmills before reaching the sea at Portballintrae.

The river supports indigenous stocks of Atlantic salmon and it was by complete luck I bumped into the manager of the salmon fishery who granted access along the various falls of the Bush river.

[box]The following photographs are captured on the Fuji X-Pro1 camera with 18mm lens. The ND10 lens filter was used for the long exposure captures. [/box]

You can see the rich red hue of the river which is retained until it reaches the sea about 1 mile further down river.

I have decided to very little post production on these images so that the colour of the river is retained.

The rich red river is famous in Northern Ireland and despite the colour the water is particularly pure in actual fact a tributary of the river is the source of water used for distilling the very famous Bushmills whiskey.

[box]The final photograph was captured on the Canon 5D and 17-50 lens so that could capture the full width of the river at 17mm. [/box]

This is a private fishing area and I was made particularly welcome by the two fishermen I can stumbled across during my two hours on the river. There is a strict catch and release policy and unfortunately a photo of one catch was all I managed to see.

It was great to get access to a part of the Bush river that isn’t accessible to the general public that said the bridge in Bushmills is a stunning view (top image) on your way to the Distillery.

You can view more X-Pro1 photographs here or view photos from County Antrim in the Flickr set.


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