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Waterfalls and Dandelions

FlixelPix X100s

I am still really getting to know the Lee Filter Seven5 micro filter system for the X100s so decided on some more test shots at my favourite waterfall in Crumlin.

I discovered on arrival that a large tree had fallen into the river and floated down to end up marring the tranquil view of the fall towards the cockle house.

Crumlin Glenn

I attempted a few shots under the tree with little success but thankfully the water level was very low and it as save to trek down to the lower levels of the fall. This image is a full two minute exposure using the Lee Big Stopper filter.

Crumlin Waterfall

You can see the long tree on the left hand side of the image. I am getting the know the Lee system very well and I really recommend testing new equipment on locations you know well. It is now time to venture to new shores and waterfalls to really see what the system can offer.

Disappointed by the tree I grabbed a couple of Fujifilm X100s macro photographs before I left. If you want to get the best out of the macro mode I highly recommend shooting no wider than f/4.

X100s Macro Advice

The camera creates some stunning bokeh even at f/4 in macro mode. It is great to have a camera that can jump from shooting 120 second long exposure images to shooting detailed macro shots at the press of a single button.


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