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Urban Run

Today was the preview showing of the short film “Even Gods” by director Phil Harrison in the QFT. In short (as it is a short film) it is brilliant! a moving story presented as a polished production featuring the great Lalor Roddy, you can read more about the film here.

Post the preview I stopped off at a local under pass to experiment with some street urban photography. Like something from a science fiction film the tunnel sits parallel with the sun that creates a bright solid light source at one end.

The aim was to have the tunnel completely in focus with the model run at speed and being almost blurred. The reality these photos didn’t look as good as when the model was slightly sharper so I shot most of these images at f2.8 and an ISO of 800-1200.

A little bit of post product tweaking reduced the bright blue tunnel and transforms the passage into a dark urban gateway. You can view larger versions of the photos on the Street Flickr Set.

[This Photo was featured on Flickr Explored 9th October 2010]

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