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Top 50 Photos of 2010

It is hard to believe that one year one the frozen swans photograph is still reigning supreme as my most popular photo on flickr. You can view a larger version of the photo on flickr here.

2. Chase
The Chase

3. Windmill
Windmill Colour

4. Fireworks
Last of Fireworks : Cosmos

5. November Walk (Licensed on Getty Images)
November Walk : Orange Light

6. Little Rebel
Little Rebel

7. Fireworks 2

8. Landscape

9. The Getaway
The Getaway

10. Frozen Ivy Heart
Frozen Ivy Heart

11. Fog on the Lough
Fog on the Lough

12. More Sport
More Sport : Rugby

13. Dripping Berries
Dripping Berries

14. Church Revisited
Church Revisited

15. The Old Jetty
The Old Jetty

16. Sunset in Ireland
Watching the sun set in Ireland

17. Giant BMXer
Giant BMXer jumps on building

18. Imprisoned Autumn
Imprisoned Autumn

19. A Pair of Conkers
A Pair of Conkers

20. The Final Whistle
The Final Whistle

21. Evening Snow and Fog
Evening Snow and Fog

22. Smoking Bottle
Smoking Bottle

23. Forgotten Telephone Box
Forgotten : Red Telephone Box

24. The Walk
The Walk

25. Goodbye Sun
Goodbye Sun

26. Knot Again
Knot Again

27. Single Weed
Single Weed

28. A Walk on the Beach
A walk on the beach

29. Splash Crown
Splash Crown

30. Rush
The Rush

31. Half Empty
Half Empty

32. Golden

33. Jumping the Rays
Jumping the Rays

34. Donard

35. The Climbers
The Climbers

36. The Runner
The Runner

37. Conkers
Conkers or Chestnuts

38. Postbox

39. The Walk
The Walk

40. Orange Love
Orange Love

41. University Road
University Road

42. Classic Autumn
Classic Autumn

43. Comply


45. Even Gods
Film : Even Gods

46. Snow Call
Snow Call

47. The Bale Jumper
The Bail Jumper

48. I Failed French Here
I Failed French here

49. Pencils
Pencils and Bokeh

50. Relaxing in the Snow
Relaxing in the Snow

It will be interested to revisit the list in six / twelve months time to see how things have changed.

On a positive note despite the Frozen Swans still remaining at number 1 a fair number of the photos on the list were taken in the last two months. As long as there is improvement the journey continues. You have view the entire FlixelPix collection here.

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