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Titanic Belfast

I am always a little cynical about celebrating failure but despite the tragic end there is no doubt the Titanic was one of Belfast’s biggest success stories.

Today we (and the now permanent companion of the X-Pro1) paid the newly opened Titanic Belfast a visit. Fortunately we were lucky enough to get our hands on some tickets following the grand unveiling last saturday.

Entrance to Titanic

The X-Pro1 accompanied by the 18mm lens is the perfect combination for general days out casually shooting a range of different types of image. Wide enough to take capture the area but equally fast enough for indoor photography.

Belfast from Titanic

The Titanic experience extends over nine galleries and given the fact it situated beside the Titanic Studios (home of ‘The Game of Thrones’) it is only fitting that moving image and multimedia play such a key role in the reconstruction.

The Titanic Drawing Rooms

Interestingly (perhaps), another little piece of film trivia is that some of the live music scenes of the film ‘Killing Bono’ were shot in the Titanic Drawings rooms (see the image above).

From virtual reality tours of each deck to interactive video exhibits of the ocean floor Titanic Belfast is an experience ahead of the times and it has to be seen to be believed.

Titanic Belfast

You can get a glimpse of the experience over at Titanic Belfast. If you are in the area it is definitely worth seeing.

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