The Mini Adventure – End of the Road

I have been waiting to publish the last of the Mini Adventure series. I look the last few photos of the mini with the new Fujifilm X100s and the images were under embargo until now.

The photos were shot over an eight week period as I visited different locations. I bought two of the little minis on eBay. I haven’t decided if I will keep the cars and update the flickr set from time to time or sell the cars on for someone else to use.

Anyway all of the photos were captured with either the X-Pro1, X-E1 or X100s. The following are the top 26 mini adventure photos according to flickr’s ‘interesting’ algorithm. As always you can click on an image to view it larger on flickr, alternatively you can also view the entire set on flickr here. I’ve separated the Fujifilm X100s images as they haven’t had anytime on flickr and are likely to gain more attention down to the camera they were captured with. Click on an image to view it larger on Flickr.

The Mini Adventure : X100s

Mini City Hall

Mini Adventure

Main Street Mini

The Mini Adventure : The Most Interesting

A Mini Winter

New Wheels

Mourne View

The White Rocks Beach

Visiting the Dark Hedges

Final Crash

The Journey Home

Christmas Eve

Hillsborough Mono

Visiting the Boat

Mourne Backdrop


Hillsborough Parish Parking

Cliff Edge

Hillsborough, County Down

Snow Crash Mono

Close to the Edge

Parked Under a Tree

New Year's Sunrise

Checking out the Surfing

Sand Dunes

Enchanted Forest

You can view the full set over on flickr here.


  1. Fantastic idea, your Mini series.
    I think to copycat it!

    Not with a Mini (i used to have a couple, and even raced with it) but with Porsche 928 s4. I own a 1987 and try to find a model of it.

    Hope you don’t mind?



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